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  • Episode 413 Premiere: 05/02/08

    PCA Confidential

    Zoey and Chase help welcome prospective new students to PCA as their own graduation approaches. 

  • Episode 412 Premiere: 05/02/08

    Chasing Zoey

    As Prom approaches, Zoey questions her feelings for James and Chase. 

  • Episode 411 Premiere: 04/27/08

    Roller Coaster

    Zoey’s class goes on a field trip to ride a roller coaster, which reveals one of Michael’s hidden fears.


  • Episode 410 Premiere: 04/06/08

    Coffee Cart Ban

    Dean Rivers bans coffee on campus, which creates a black-coffee market that Logan and Michael try to exploit.


  • Episode 409 Premiere: 03/30/08

    Dinner for Two Many

    Zoey takes James on a secret date to a fancy restaurant. Quinn and Logan plan their first dinner together and end up sitting next to Zoey and James. 

  • Episode 408 Premiere: 03/22/08

    Vince is Back

    Vince Blake returns to PCA. Logan and Michael plan for some long-awaited revenge. 

  • Episode 407 Premiere: 03/09/08


    Zoey and Dustin try to find sponsors for the charity walk-a-thon at PCA.

  • Episode 406 Premiere: 02/24/08

    Quinn Misses the Mark

    Mark has a new girlfriend after he and Quinn decide to take a break. Michael can’t get away from a horse after he feeds it some cookies. 

  • Episode 405 Premiere: 02/17/08

    Anger Management

    Logan has to go to anger management class after one of his angry voicemails is posted online.


  • Episode 404 Premiere: 02/03/08

    Rumor of Love

    Michael and Logan try to convince the housing lady that Chase is still at PCA so that they don’t need to get a new roommate. The girls discover their new dorm advisor is stealing their stuff. 

  • Episode 403 Premiere: 02/03/08

    Alone at PCA

    It’s spring break, and the gang is all set to go on a trip to Yosemite. 

  • Episode 402 Premiere: 01/27/08

    Fake Roommate

    Michael is depressed that Chase isn’t coming back, but Logan wants to make use of the extra space in their room. 

  • Episode 401 Premiere: 01/27/08

    Trading Places

    Zoey comes back to PCA to confront Chase about what she overheard on the webcam. 

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