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  • Episode 113 Premiere: 05/01/05

    Little Beach Party

    It's the end of the semester and Zoey and her friends are psyched about PCA's annual beach party, which is going to be the bash of the year, but everything gets turned around when they miss the buses because of a Quinnvention, and end up taking a taxi to a deserted beach more than one hundred miles away from the party thanks to Logan. With no cellphone signal or Wi-Fi hot spot, they are stuck there until someone stumbles upon them. All is not lost, however, when they all decide to have their own beach party, starting their own tradition. Dustin has to stay in the water the whole time because a giant wave stole his swim trunks. Later on Quinn manages to call Mr. Bender to pick them up.

  • Episode 112 Premiere: 04/17/05

    School Dance

    The school dance committee this year is using a personality quiz to partner people up with the same interests. Two people from the committee come to Zoey's class to talk about it and how it benefits them. So that he can get to dance with Zoey, Chase tricks her into giving him her answers to the quiz. However, his plan backfires when another guy called Glen Davis (Guest Star Asher Book) also gets matched up with Zoey. They both need to agree about who will dance with Zoey or neither of them will. Meanwhile, Michael accidentally gets paired up with a foreign exchange student, a boy named Olivery, as his dance partner, and Dana and Logan get partnered. Nicole's partner is a boy who could be considered like male counterpart to her, Nicholas, and she ends up getting annoyed at him.

  • Episode 111 Premiere: 04/10/05

    Disc Golf

    In an attempt to get out of gym class, the kids expose a loophole in PCA policy and form a Disc Golf team.

  • Episode 110 Premiere: 04/03/05


    Zoey's prototype backpack gets stolen by a PCA bookstore employee, Stacy, and the whole school goes crazy over 'Stacy's' backpack design.

  • Episode 109 Premiere: 03/13/05

    Spring Fling

    The girls join the 'Spring Fling' planning committee and try to get a celebrity to to perform at the event.

  • Episode 108 Premiere: 03/06/05

    Quinn's Date

    Quinn develops a crush on a boy named Mark, but when Zoey finds out that Mark's not interested, she takes it upon herself to organize a fake "date" between the two.

  • Episode 107 Premiere: 02/20/05

    The Play

    Chase writes a play about an alien girl with Zoey as the lead, but gets severely flustered of when Logan gets the part of her would-be earthly boyfriend instead of him. Meanwhile, Dustin gets sick and Quinn tries to treat his ailments with some of her usual unconventional methods.

  • Episode 106 Premiere: 02/13/05


    The kids at PCA are assigned to make a TV commercial for a new scooter.

  • Episode 105 Premiere: 01/30/05

    Prank Week

    The boys pull a prank on the girls which makes the girls devise a plan to get even. This leads to prank after prank.

  • Episode 104 Premiere: 01/23/05

    Defending Dustin

    Dustin has a run-in with a school bully after helping him in class.

  • Episode 103 Premiere: 01/16/05


    Zoey actually sees a good side in Logan, when he gives the girls' dorm a big stuffed bear. But, when the girls' secrets they spill out in the dorm get all around campus, Zoey, Nicole, and Dana get very suspicious about their surroundings, and wonder if anyone is ratting them out.

  • Episode 102 Premiere: 01/09/05

    New Roomies

    Zoey learns to enjoy life at PCA, until her roommates, Dana and Nicole, show their anger to one another. Zoey can't stand the constant fighting, and decides to move into the crazy Quinn's room. Meanwhile, Dustin is trying to make a profit, and Chase wonders if he is at an advantage to ask Zoey on a date.

  • Episode 101 Premiere: 01/09/05

    Welcome to PCA

    Zoey Brooks is one of the many girls coming to PCA for the first time. When she gets there, she meets friends, and she makes an enemy in Logan, a stereotype who thinks girls can't beat boys in basketball. Zoey takes it as a challenge, going against the boys in an all-out brawl.

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